GILEE logging system

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I. GILEE logging system Introduction
GILEE logging system is a new generation logging operating system which had been released by GI Technologies in 2008. It is a full-featured, highly integrated and intelligent logging signal acquisition system. The logging system is a highly integrated system based on high speed platform, its temperature resistance can reach 260 degrees C. All conventional tools can run in a well at once in combination with total length only 23 meters. LINUX operating platform is used, the raw logging data and the processed results are displayed on the screen simultaneously. It also can simultaneously make playback, processing, transmission and FIG head production work in real-time while logging.

II. GILEE logging system advantages:
 1. Highly integrated and modularized circuit design, with higher consistence, reliability and precision.
2. Shorter and lighter down-hole tools, with increased on site logging efficiency.
3. Ultra low power consumption circuit design, less than 500mW per instrument.
4. Dual mutual backup acquisition system, more reliable.
5. Two kinds of power supply: digital controlled and manual controlled.
6. High speed logging data transmission rate, enhanced logging speed.
7. Real maintenance-free, saving manpower and resources.

III. GILEE Thru Drill Pipe Tools

1. Function:
These instruments play very important role to log in sophisticated wells, ultra-deep wells, horizontal wells and those wells when wireline tools couldn’t accomplish operation.

2. Features
 1) Tools have “ bamboo” form design. Each tool has its own power supply and memory. There are only mechanic connections between tools, no electric connections between tools. This special design ensures that one battery failure or one tool failure will not affect functioning of other tools. Tools are reliable and stable, each tool just needs one or two batteries for 200 hours operation.
2) Cable tracked pump-out release technique is used. By monitoring the tension, CCL signal and depth while pumping out tools from pipe the engineer always knows where are the logging tools, and ensure that the tools are released properly. At any time, the memory tools could be pulled out in time by using the cable to guarantee tool safety.
3) The surface readout and processing equipment are simple; a laptop,a handheld data readout and a data acquisition box can readout logging data. After completion of logging job, engineer could in short time read all data and playback rdr to timely check the quality of measured log curves.
4) The data format is standard and compatible with ECLIPS 5700 format.  The ECLIPS operating engineer can make data processing after job. According to the requirement of user, log data can be provided in other data formats.
5) Logging curves could be compared with 5700 curves. Interpretation methods are compatible with 5700 too.

3. Field application:
Tools have been used in Jiangsu Province, Jilin Province, north China, Ordos Basin and other regions