Position vacant



I.Position: : Hardware R & D Engineer
Basic Qualifications:
1,A full-time master's degree or above.  2 ,Able to complete the project independently , lead a development group to complete whole process for the development of a variety of single-chip DSP , including project design schematics PCB drawing , fine welding FIRMWARE write debugging, hardware debugging.  3, Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

II. Position: Software Engineer
Basic Qualifications:
1 , Bachelor degree or above . 2 , Responsible for the system design, implementation, and technical support of company 's Graphical interface . 3, Have c / c + + programming language basis .Proficiency in the use of Linux, such as gcc, gdb, makefile and other development environments and tools ; Proficiency in the use of any of the following under Linux graphical programming development environment (GUI) such as wxWidgets, GTK, GTK +, GTK2 , QT with priority ; has Python, Shell experience is preferred. 4 , Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

III. Position: Finance Assistant
Basic Qualifications:
1 , Financial, accountancy and other related undergraduate degree or above . 2, A good basic knowledge of accounting and strong English skills , have accounting work experience is preferred. 3, the financial software operation. 4, Good ethics and team spirit, good communication , understanding and analysis capabilities. 5, With the ability to work and study independently,work serious and attentive . 6, Good moral character . 7, Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

IV. Position : Senior Cost Accounting
Basic Qualifications:
1 , Bachelor degree or above , accountancy, finance, auditing, or related fields. 2, under 45 years old, more than 10 years experience in industrial manufacturing enterprise cost accounting . 3, has rich experience in financial processing. 4, A good understanding of the relevant national accounting regulations or tax policies, know the financial system well. 5, Proficient in state tax laws and regulations, financial accounting, financial management , financial analysis, financial forecasting and other financial institutions and businesses. 6, With the accounting job card. 7, Skilled use of computer operations, various types of office software and financial software applications. 8, responsible, stable, practical, serious, careful , with the spirit of teamwork , strong communication and ability to learn . 9,Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

V. Position: Human Resources Manager
Basic Qualifications:
1 , Bachelor degree or above examination entrance examination in any discipline ; skilled use of office software and human resources management software. 2, 5 years of working experience in large corporate human resources , personnel manager more than 3 years experience, with research, sales , production integration work background preferred . 3 , The modern human resources management in a systematic accumulation of knowledge and practical experience of the various modules of human resources have a more profound understanding of the functions of each module can guide the work . 4, With human resource management and a solid theoretical foundation. Familiar with national, regional and corporate management on contract , remuneration system , employment mechanism , insurance benefits, training and other aspects of laws, regulations and policies. 5 , Have good communication skills , planning and organizational skills ; possess affinity, teamwork ability , high sense of responsibility and professionalism.

VI. Position: Mechanical Designer
Basic Qualifications:
1,A full-time undergraduate degree or above , mechanical design , mechatronics and related majors . 2 , With a wealth of knowledge and experience in mechanical design , strong perceptive , development potential and innovation , rigorous thinking , logical , familiar with the machining process . 3 , Skilled use of Word, Excel and other office software , skilled use of AUTOCAD, CAXA other mapping software , know at least a three-dimensional design software (PRO / E, Solidwork, UG). 4, Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

VII. Position: Management candidate
Basic Qualifications:
1,A full-time undergraduate degree or above , engineering background is preferred ; development direction: human resources, corporate management, administrative assistant , business planning. 2,Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

VIII. Position: Engineering truck drivers
Basic Qualifications:
1,about 30 years old , high school / secondary and higher education , with the A2 and road transportation qualification certificate, familiar with a variety of vehicle performance characteristics . 2,More than three years long distance, mountain , night road driving experience , hard-working , can be adapted to the collective life , good health and family burden is light, able to adapt to long-term mission .

IX. Position : Log interpretation engineer

Basic Qualifications:
1 , Bachelor degree or above , logging , geological and other related professionals , English 4 or more, can accommodate short travel. 2 , Responsible for the well logs preprocessing splicing , editing , depth alignment, standardization, environmental corrections. 3, Responsible for the analysis of core data. 4, Responsible for individual well interpertation, drawing tables and charts of interpretation results. 5, can handle conventional single-well logging data processing and interpretation, and understand the new logging technology. 6, Can carry out comprehensive studies evaluating regional reservoir log, including " four parameter relations " studies to determine reservoir parameters , establishment of interpretation criteria and review of old wells and other research work . 7,Able to skillfully apply at least one logging professional software (Forward, Geolog, IP, Discovery) to carry out research projects . 8,Have a good independent report writing and reporting capabilities. 9,  master key geophysical interpretation technology development trends to help organize technical training. 10, completion of other work assigned by superiors . 11,Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

 X. Position: logging engineer
Basic Qualifications:
1,A full-time undergraduate degree or above , oil well logging , electronics , communications , automation and control , and other majors , healthy, willing to give priority to long-term field workers . 2,Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

XI. Position: directional drilling operating engineer
Basic Qualifications:
1 ,Petroleum engineering and other related professionals . 2,In the post directional and horizontal wells 3-5 years work experience. 3,A good understanding of the directional drilling technique , drilling process, drilling equipment and tools, mud engineering. 4, Skilled use of office software and directional drilling software . 5, Fresh graduates and person with work experience all can apply.

[welfare  treatment]:
1,The company will buy social insurance and provident fund for employees, from time to time organize various activities for employees.
2, The company offers a competitive remuneration.
3, The company will provide free meals, and a fully equipped free accommodation. The single employee from other locations can apply for accommodation.
4, The company can solve Tianjin accounts for undergraduate and above graduates employees.